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"Outstanding panel!!! I`m neither a lawyer nor engineer. The simplistic delivery of your presenters was good for me for information absorption."
-Nancy Martin, San Francisco, CA
California Water Law, San Francisco, 2002

"I`m a new real estate attorney and am just in my second week of practice. After attending this conference, I feel like an `insider`. I found everything very educational and informative."
-Adam Darowski, Dallas, TX
Negotiating Leases, Dallas, 2004

"This conference was extremely informative and the speakers were engaging. I would highly recommend it for any land use attorney."
-Anne Pollack, Tampa, FL
Land Use Law, Tampa, 2004

"This conference was very informative and enlightening form a practitioner standpoint. Placing lawyers/legal counsel and practitioners in the same arena and allowing us to speak from our place sheds light on areas and in some areas revealed how murky/muddy the waters can be. Lots of practical takeaway, now the work of implementing. Thank You!"
-Steve Nystrom, Denver, CO
Recreation & Adventure Program Law & Liability, Denver, 2004

"I have been an attorney for 25 years and regularly attend national conferences for attorneys. This was the single finest CLE session that I have attended. The speakers were consistently experienced, practical, knowledgeable, conscientious and articulate. They stayed on point and gave many useful suggestions for counsel in highly regulated enterprises. It was both sobering and energizing to attend this session. Thank you!"
-Kent A. Hansen, Los Angeles, CA
Internal Investigations, Los Angeles, 2005

"I enjoyed the mix of biologists and lawyers. It really added to the program to have these various view points."
-Mike Robbins, Tucson, AZ
The Endangered Species Act, Tucson, 2005

"The overall quality of the presentation was very good. Overall, I would recommend this seminar for anyone working with the NEPA procedures."
-Thomas W. Rumpke, Denver, CO
National Environmental Policy Act, Denver, 2005

"...Enjoyed the real life examples- the more the better. Great job. Thank you! Great to see diversity in speakers."
-M.L. Tucker, Denver, CO
Intellectual Asset Management, Denver, 2005

"This was an excellent program- one of the best I`ve been to in years. As a real estate development/land use/entitlements attorney, I need similar exposure and education constantly. Great location! Great participation by local government! Do more!"
-Leslie M. Webb, Charlotte, NC
Land Use Law, Charlotte, 2005

"I have told colleagues that my job is to make my client look good, whether to a judge or to a wider range of people, and Levick`s presentation helps flesh that out with concepts applicable to the courtroom as well as to the public. This seminar presents technical, practical, visionary, and philosophical perspectives on attorney ethics. The presenters are engaging so it is a great way to take home something interesting."
-James M. Alexander, IV, Denver, CO
Ethics, Denver, 2005

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